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Do your brakes squeal or feel spongy when you press the brake pedal? Is your vehicle taking longer to stop than usual? It may be time for a professional brake repair. Brake problems can vary from inconvenient to dangerous, so it is essential to recognize signs of trouble and diagnose issues. As a car owner, understanding some basic knowledge about brakes is essential for the proper functioning of your vehicle. While brake problems can range in severity, it’s extremely important to take them seriously and address any issues immediately before it leads to expensive repairs or, worse, irreversible damage.

Squeaking or Grinding Noises

If your brake pads are worn beyond a certain point, they can start to make squeaking or grinding noises when you brake. This is caused by metal-on-metal contact between the brake rotor and brake pads. It’s an indication that your brake pads need a replacement as soon as possible.

Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal ever starts to feel spongy or soft when you step on it, this is usually an indication of a brake fluid leak. Check for brake fluid leaks around the brake lines and brake calipers. If there are no visible signs of a brake fluid leak, then have a professional mechanic diagnose the issue.

The Brake Pedal Is Low to the Floor

If your brake pedal happens to go all the way to the floor when you step on it and it is difficult to brake, this usually means there’s an issue with your brake master cylinder. It could possibly be a brake fluid leak or a faulty brake booster.

Car Pulls to One Side When Braking

If your brake calipers are sticking or the brake system is out of balance, then it can cause your vehicle to veer over to one side while braking. This is because one brake is usually applying more brake pressure than the other. Check for any brake fluid leaks and inspect the brake calipers to determine what is causing this issue.

Vibrations in the Steering Wheel or Brake Pedal

If you feel vibrations in your brake pedal or steering wheel when you brake, then it may be due to brake rotor warping. Warped brake rotors can occur from excessive braking and high brake temperatures.

The Brake Warning Light Is On

If your dashboard’s brake warning light is illuminated, then it’s a sure sign that there is an issue with your brake system. You should immediately bring your vehicle to a skilled brake mechanic who can diagnose and repair the brake issue.

No matter what type of brake issue you’re experiencing, it’s important to have it diagnosed by an experienced mechanic as soon as possible. Delaying brake repairs can cause irreversible damage and potentially lead to dangerous situations while driving.

Schedule a Brake Repair in Del City, OK

Are you experiencing brake problems? Don’t wait any longer – have a certified mechanic inspect and repair your brake system to ensure your safety as well as that of your passengers.

At Mike’s Automotive, we provide comprehensive brake repair services in Del City, OK for all types of vehicles. Our experienced brake technicians will inspect your brake system, diagnose the issue quickly and accurately, and provide a cost-effective solution. Whether it’s brake pad replacement or brake rotor resurfacing, our team can handle any brake repair job with ease.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get back on the road safely!

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